Check Balance

The prepaid gift card (GiftCardBalance) contains a certain amount of credit. The credit or value of the prepaidgiftBalance card can also be searched, which makes it very convenient to use.


The balance can be checked on the official website The cardholder can use the card to make purchases based on the value or credit of the card and does not have to worry about the card’s limit being exceeded at the time of purchase.

In this way, the user of these cards can also know when to recharge or recharge their prepaid gift cards.

PrepaidGiftBalance – Check Balance

Checking your prepaid gift card balance is very simple and you can easily check the balance by following these simple steps:

  • The person should receive the card first, then you can check the balance or limit of the prepaid gift card. The card can be issued simply by requesting it from the National Association of Banks of the United States.
  • To check the balance of the Prepaid Gift Card, the cardholder must first have an account and register on the website.


  • The account can be created by first visiting the official GiftCardBalance login portal.
  • When you open the official website of the prepaid gift card, you will find the registration portal on the right side of the page. The login portal is intended for two types of users, one for new users and one for old users.
  • To register and create an account, you need to go to the user login window for the first time.
  • In the first user window, the user must enter the prepaid gift card number in the field provided and click Enter.
  • The user or cardholder must then fill in all the information as required in the registration process.
  • The account is set up or created in a few minutes and it is very simple, just follow the simple instructions.
  • Once the user has registered or created an account, they can check the balance or limit of the card.
  • Once the account is created, the user must return to the official website of the prepaid gift card and go to the login portal to check their balance or limit.
  • When accessing the login portal, the cardholder or user must go to the user’s return window, enter the prepaid gift card number and password, and then press Enter.
  • This allows the cardholder to check the card balance or limit, and the prepaid gift cardholder can also view the card’s transaction history and manage their purchases accordingly. The transaction history feature allows a prepaid gift card holder to track their transactions and check them if necessary.