Prepaid Card

PrepaidGiftBalance comes in two flavors or types and users can choose which one they like or which is best for them. The two variations are Visa prepaid gift cards and Mastercard prepaid gift cards.


The properties and uses of the two variants are almost the same or similar. These two variants are almost identical, only the provider of these prepaid gift cards differs.

The PrepaidGiftBalance is the card that the National Bank of the United States has in association with Visa. Here we share the types of prepaid gift cards that you can check out below.


Prepaid Card Features

In addition to the features listed above, some of the other features of these wonderful prepaid gift cards are:

  • The cards can only be used to buy things and merchandise from merchants in the United States and any attempt to use the card abroad will result in denial of payment.
  • Cards are accepted in all stores in the United States that accept Visa or Master Card credit or debit cards.
  • Like a debit or credit card holder, a prepaid gift cardholder needs a PIN code to use the card and make purchases.
  • These cards can be used for smaller payments than debit and credit cards because prepaid gift cards are different from debit or credit cards.
  • Most of the time, the card limit is printed in bold on the card, for example, $ 100 or $ 500.
  • Purchases with a prepaid gift card can only be made up to the card limit. After that, the card must be recharged or reloaded before it can be used again.
  • In general, payments made with these cards are worth more or less.